We can assist you with your projects such as:

  • Weed assessment and selective weed control in remnant native forest, grasslands, wetlands & farm windbreaks. Weed removal: by hand pulling or grubbing, cut & swab, chainsaw & brush-cut, or selective micro knapsack spot spraying.
  • 4WD (Quad bike) with 70 litre tank and long remote hose or 3m width boom spray and hand wand. 200 litre Truckpack spraytank & 100+ m remote spray hose hand wands or 6m boom.
  • Environmental or Cultural education, field days, events & school trips, all tailored to age groups.
  • Vegetation and bird surveys, monitoring plans and habitat assessment.
  • Direct Seeding with small agile machines to large tractor pulled machines.
  • GPS plotting, ArcMap, mapping projects.

And much more!