GPS Mapping, Reports and Property Plans

Our business offers clients a distinctive method of surveying, habitat assessment, and project planning. Our project managers research and compile Farm and Property Management Plans and reports.

Plans and reports can include:

  • Basic soil type and description
  • Site topography and landform
  • Native vegetation: Dominant association and other species
  • Weed or pest species listed in priority
  • Identify and address main problems
  • Areas of severe impact, by erosion, weeds, feral animals and other problems. Make suggestions towards better land management of such areas
  • We will provide full written documentation and compile maps with feedback i.e. weeds treated, methods and chemical rates, areas completed
  • Digital photographs are taken for each project and included in reports and plans

GPS Mapping:

  • GPS plot weed infestations, size and location
  • Survey points
  • Transects and grid searches
  • Native flora and fauna observations
  • Produce specialised ArcMaps with desired content. Printed up to A3 and laminated