Shelterbelts & Revegetation

Bush Repair works alongside farmers, government departments and community groups to help improve or generate local native vegetation communities.

Revegetation is the process of replanting and rebuilding native vegetation communities, land and soil. This service is commonly used to repair damage to a landscape due to wildfire, grazing, mining, site development, road works, flood, or other causes. Shelterbelts (or windbreaks) are native plantations made up of three or more rows of various trees or shrubs.


Our project managers assess and plan projects so trees and shrubs are planted in indigenous communities and in such a manner as to provide shelter from the wind and sun. They are commonly planted around the edges of fields or farms. These corridors of native vegetation also benefit native wildlife, providing habitat for Conservation and Recreation and microclimates.

Our services include:

  • Native seed collection, cleaning and storage.
  • Monitoring plans and habitat assessment.
  • Plants species selection and revegetation design.
  • Tree planting, assistance with supply of local tube stock and small-cell trays for deep ripping and Potti-Putki planting.